Wrapping Innovation Since 1979

Houston Poly has met and exceeded the needs of manufacturers, food producers, agriculture, and consumer packaged goods for over 40 years.

Houston Poly is a fully integrated, custom manufacturer of extruded polyethylene films, biodegradable and sustainable films, bags, shrink films and flexible packaging.


Guardian Eco-Wrap™ Film

Helps meat producers and packers to replace non-recyclable PVC films


Traditional Poly

Sustainable Poly

The Surprisingly High Cost of “Off-the-Shelf” Products

In many cases, standard products only seem cost-effective. When you consider additional costs to modify standard products to your specific needs, higher labor to accommodate a liner or bag that doesn’t quite fit the way it should, or quality defects that creep into your process, you’ll discover that the modest up-front investment to customize your bag, liner, or film pays itself back quickly.

Talk to the experts at Houston Poly to help you decide if a custom product is right for your application.

Custom. Not costly.


Houston Poly continues to embrace all new and cutting edge technologies in the polyethylene film industry.

10 production lines running 9 monolayer lines and one three layer line – producing over 35 million pounds annually.

Technical lab capabilities

24/7 manufacturing

Buy in bulk – pass the savings to our customers

One plant – Houston, TX

Made in the USA


Quality & Certifications

Our investment in quality speaks for itself.

Approved UL Printer

Do you have a custom poly film, sustainable / biodegradable application, or flexible packaging project that requires uncompromising performance and exceptional customer service?