Better Protection, Less Material
Case Studies | Transportation


  • Flexible packaging

  • Custom design


For each pallet, the customer needed to use two sheets of plastic sheeting, stapled together along three edges. Once finished, operators would slide the pallet into the “bag” that was constructed.


Houston Poly technicians measured the customer’s pallet and materials. We could then design a custom shrink bag to those specifications. By constructing a custom bag, we could reduce the bag thickness from 8 mil to 5 mil.


  1. A custom-designed bag meant less material – in thickness and in waste – which translates into lower shipping costs.
  2. The “already assembled” bag meant less work for shipping personnel, lowering labor costs.
  3. Staples were a safety hazard. The Houston Poly solution eliminated the need for staples – a known safety hazard.

Do you have a custom poly film, sustainable / biodegradable application, or flexible packaging project that requires uncompromising performance and exceptional customer service?