Food-Safe Poly, FDA Approved
Case Studies | Food Safety


  • Combo liners
  • Box liners
  • Poly sheeting


Our client needed a reliable supplier for food-safe poly packaging. Not just anyone can provide that product and service – the facility must meet FDA specifications.


Houston Poly invested in the FDA’s FSSC 22000 certification to ensure that it had the infrastructure and processes in place to meet this customer’s needs.


  1. The customer received both the assurance that Houston Poly would meet the product and certification requirements, but also gained a dependable long-term supply chain partner.
  2. The investment in processes and infrastructure means that Houston Poly can now serve a wider range of clients with stringent food safety requirements.

Do you have a custom poly film, sustainable / biodegradable application, or flexible packaging project that requires uncompromising performance and exceptional customer service?