Houston Poly Achieves BPI Certification For Two Of Its Compostable Packaging Grades

NOVEMBER 7, 2022

Houston Poly is committed to accelerating the adoption of compostable film structures for single-use food packaging. By certifying component parts to these complex barrier structures, Houston Poly’s initiative hopes to reduce the final certification timeline.

HOUSTON, Texas, November 7, 2022 – Tomball, TX. Texas-based Houston Poly announced today that it has achieved Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certification for two of its biopolymer films. The first is FD92PM from BioPBS, run as clear/unprinted film at 3.1 mils thickness. The second is F2341 from BASF, also run as clear/unprinted film at 3.1 mils thickness.

To view the BPI certificate and technical documentation, visit: https://products.bpiworld.org/companies/houston-poly.

Achieving BPI certification required Houston Poly to submit multiple samples of each film for third-party analysis to validate industrial composting claims. Each of these films passed those tests, which include analyzing for heavy metals and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), and will completely biodegrade in a commercial composting timeline.

“With 2025 fast approaching, brands are taking up the challenge to contribute to a circular economy by introducing compostable alternatives to single use plastic packaging, and these films from Houston Poly can help meet their ambitious targets and realize our common vision,” said Houston Poly General Manager Wes Sumner. “Additionally, these same brands recognize that sustainable packaging can be a differentiator on the store shelf, leading to increase sales and stronger consumer loyalty.”

BPI certification is designed to provide several key benefits. Among these are:

  1. Third-party verification of compostability of packaging for manufacturers and brand owners to use when they communicate with channel partners and end consumers.
  2. Clear end-of-life opportunity for the compostable product.
  3. Rigorous standards and verification testing for compostability.
  4. Offer brands distinction from those who do not invest in independent testing.
  5. In some states, compliance with local and state regulations.
  6. Updated standards every five years based on the results of long-term testing.

“It’s great to see companies like Houston Poly entering the compostable packaging space, bringing more availability to the growing number of brands that are working to adopt compostable food packaging,” said Rhodes Yepsen, Executive Director of the BPI. “Compostable food packaging is a critical solution for achieving the goals of the circular economy.”

Additional Houston Poly sustainability initiatives have included new extrusion lines, expanding their PCR portfolio with mechanical and advanced recycling materials, and staff members with sustainable packaging expertise.

For specific inquiries regarding sustainable packaging, Stuart MacDonald may be reached at smacdonald@houstonpoly.com.

About Houston Poly

Houston Poly is a fully integrated, custom manufacturer of mono and co-extruded blown films up to 5-layers and 3-layer cast films, compostable lamination grade films and compostable bags, shrink films, and flexible packaging. For more information, visit https://houstonpoly.com/.

About the Biodegradable Products Institute

The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) is the leading authority on compostable products and packaging in North America. All products certified by BPI meet ASTM standards for compostability, are subject to eligibility criteria around the connection to food scraps and yard trimmings, meet limits for total fluorine (PFAS), and must display the BPI Certification Mark. BPI’s certification program operates in conjunction with education and advocacy efforts designed to help keep food scraps and other organics out of landfills. www.bpiword.org.

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