Houston Poly Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize Announcement

NOVEMBER 3, 2021

Houston Poly is proud to announce our status as an applicant for the TOM FORD Plastic Innovation Prize, which is specifically designed to facilitate the scalability and rapid market adoption of solutions to thin-film plastic waste. Powered by Lonely Whale‘s #52HZ, we have the chance to win a $1.2 million prize purse to scale our technology. All #intellectualproperty is retained and application information is strictly confidential. Learn more about the requirements and how you can join us as we help #unwrapthefuture at https://plasticprize.org/.

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About Houston Poly

Houston Poly is a fully integrated, custom manufacturer of extruded polyethylene films, biodegradable and sustainable films, bags, shrink films and flexible packaging.

Do you have a custom poly film, sustainable / biodegradable application, or flexible packaging project that requires uncompromising performance and exceptional customer service?